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History of Slots

Slots have changed a lot since they first started appearing online and although classic slots are still around today (and just as popular now as they were when they first arrived online), it was the newer breed of slots such as video slots that started getting players more excited.

This section takes a look at these two types of slots and it should give players some insight as to what to expect when they find one of these games online. Although the history of the slot is still quite a short one, it has without a doubt been a colourful history.

3 Microgaming was the first software company to develop what is now called a classic slot. Soon after their successful launch, other companies such as Cryptologic and Playtech, (as well as various other software companies) all started creating their very own slots. Many classic slots then went from having just one winning payline to having as many as nine paylines.

It was in 1995 that the first online slot came into existence, but very few people were unaware that you could even play on an online slot, especially not for real money. 3 Reel slots generally didn’t require a download, which meant that players could launch them through their web browsers, providing they had the latest version of Java or Flash installed onto their system. Slots can still be launched in this way today, through a Flash platform.

History of Video Slots:

Video slots first started appearing at gambling portals towards the end of the 90s. They offered more action than a classic slot and they had more reels. Players could now choose how many paylines they would like to play and new symbols also started appearing such as Scatter symbols, Wild symbols, Bonus symbols and more and players could win Free Spins and even take part in bonus rounds.

The graphics were still not the most amazing, but this rapidly improved. Video slots soon evolved to have impressive and realistic sound effects, as well as visually stunning graphics and lively in-play animations, which has made the video slot so much more appealing and attractive than a more primitive classic slot.

History of Online Slots:

The online slot was the first type of game that players could place a wager on from a secure online environment. The betting range on one of these slots has always been affordable for most players and almost anyone can play on one because the rules are so simple.

Online slots soon catapulted to stardom ever since that very first slot (known as Cash Splash) was released. This was a Microgaming production and if you fast forward to today you can find almost 2000 online slot machines. These are now widely available for players to at various gambling portals around the world and they remain the most popular types of online casino games.


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