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Slots Tournaments

Slots tourneys are one of the most exciting types of real cash tournaments available online today. They have only really started becoming popular and more widely available in the past few years. If you enjoy slots and you consider yourself quite a competitive player, you should check out one of the many online slots tourneys that are constantly available and sign yourself up for one.

One of the great things about an online slot tournament is that you can only ever lose your buy-in fee. This entrance fee could start from as low as $2.00 or it could cost as much as $100.00. Some of these tournaments could also be re-buy tournaments, which means that if you lose all of your credits, you can usually buy back in to the tournament for the same price that you originally bought in for. There is usually a time limit where rebuys will no longer be possible.

There are scheduled slot tournaments and also Sit ‘n Go tournaments. The schedule events will take place at a certain time and date (providing the minimum amount of players signed up) and the Sit ‘n Go’s will begin as soon as the maximum number of participants have signed up. Some tournaments can have a maximum of 6 players, whereas other slots tournaments could have up to 1,500 entrants.

The tourneys that have just a few entrants generally just have one or two paid positions and players can usually double or triple up, but the larger tournaments will have a great deal more paid positions and the prizes will also be much larger.

Some slots tournaments can only last for about five minutes, but there are now several gambling portals that have 24 hour slots tournaments. This means that you can keep playing for as long as you like and even if you sign out, you can continue with the tournament when you next sign it. Then, as soon as you sign in, you will be taken straight to the tournament to continue playing again.

Signing up to a slot tournament is simple, but you will need to be a registered member of that casino (or slots site) and you will need to have already made a real cash deposit. Once you have paid to enter a tournament, just wait for it to begin and as soon as it starts, it will automatically pop up for you so that you don’t miss it.

Try to find only casinos that are considered to be the best online casino sites when trying to decide where to play. By doing so you can eliminate as much of the risk associated with playing online as possible.


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