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One of the most important things is to NOT play on a slot if you really can’t afford it. The next most important thing to do is check the stake as soon as you enter the game. The minimum cost for one spin is usually set to a certain amount from the moment you enter and this could be more than you can afford, so you may need to reduce it.

You should also really consider which type of slot you would like to play on. Do you prefer the more traditional, classic slots or do you prefer something with a little bit more action. If you enjoy the more basic looking slots that are very easy to play, you would be better suited to a classic slot with just three reels. Most of these slots have one winning payline, but they can have up to nine paylines.

If you start with a 100 paylined slot, your minimum bet will therefore be $1.00 (if you are betting on all winning paylines). The more paylines the slot has, the higher the minimum stake is. If you are on a low budget, you should stick to slots that have less than 10 winning paylines.

If the classic slot doesn’t rock your world, you would probably be more suited to a multilined video slot. The basic principles are fairly similar to classic slots, but video slots have more reels and therefore more symbols. Instead of just regular symbols though, you can also expect to find Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, Bonus symbols and other special symbols. These trigger certain special features and bonus rounds which take place away from the reels on a second screen.

If you decide to go for the more exciting bonus feature slot, remember that once the bonus round has been triggered, you may be required to use your skill to win prizes, otherwise it will be a simple picking round.

Knowing when to close a game is also quite important. If you experience a decent win, try not to lose all of your winnings back to the same machine, unless you think that the slot is still paying out. Take your winnings and get out of there. Either try out a different slot or withdraw some of your winnings so that you can spend in the real world.


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