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The rules are actually quite simple for slots. It doesn’t matter if you are ever unsure of how to play a particular slot because as soon as you launce one online, there is always a rule section or help section where you can learn exactly how to play the game. In fact these rules can sometimes be quite hard to understand so it is better to just spend five minutes figuring the slot out for yourself so that you can better familiarise yourself with how the game is actually played.

A great way of being able to do this without losing your money is by launching the game in the free play demo mode. If you have ever played on an online slot before, the rules to most other slots should also be quite simple to learn. From the moment you enter a slot, you can skip the intro (if it has one) and then you will be taken straight to the reels.

The first thing you should really do is take a look at the stake. The stake is the cost per spin. You might want to adjust this or the coin value, which will extend the betting range a lot further. Also, you can choose how many lines you would like to play and then you are just about ready to hit spin. If you have enough balance, you could select Autoplay/Autospin. This saves you from having to hit spin every time and will play out the selected number of spins automatically for you. This feature will normally stop once you have reached a bonus round.

If you want to stop this Autoplay feature at any time, you can click on the same autoplay button one more time to deselect it. All you have to do now is hit spin and hope that the reels align to bring you in a win. If you would like to view how much each symbol is worth or what the special symbols do, you can find this out by clicking on the Paytable.

You can exit a slot whenever you wish and you also can go straight back to it whenever you want. The only slots that you can’t play on for free are the Progressive Jackpot slots. If you are playing in a slots tournament, there could be additional rules that you must adhere to, but these will become apparent once you have signed up for one.


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