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One of the most frequently asked questions about online slots is, are the outcomes random? The answer is that they are as random as can be, because the results are determined by Random Number Generators (RNG’s). The outcomes online are produce by random mathematical algorithms where there is no detectable pattern in each outcome.

Players also ask, are online slots are fair? They generally offer between a 93-97% payout rate. This means that if the payout percentage rate for a particular slot is 95%, the slot will pay this much back to the customer/player (based on overall wagers) and the gambling operator will receive the remaining 5%.

Players have also asked about what happens if the slot crashes while playing? If in the unlikely event that this happens, the outcome that was likely to happen will take place anyway and you will have either won or lost. You could try closing the game and the re-open it, which should refresh the problem and your balance.

Players have also asked what a free slot is? These are basically online slots that are available in the free play demo mode. Most reputable online casinos today give players a fun balance. This means that you can experience a slot in the fun mode without risking your own hard earned cash.

Are there any slots strategies or tips? This is another FAQ for online slots. The answer is no. However, you can keep in mind that on a multilined video slot, you should always play the full amount of paylines. Try to set the stake according to your budget, to give you more playing time and also keep an eye on what you are doing. Sometimes you need to be paying attention (especially in the bonus rounds) to win bigger prizes.

What is a bonus round on a slot? This FAQ often gets asked by players. A Bonus round is generally a picking round which takes place on a second screen, away from the reels. There will be certain items that are hiding prizes. All you have to do is click on the items that you believe are hiding the best prizes.

One last FAQ is how do I play on an online slot? If you want to play in the real cash mode, you will have to register an account with the casino (or similar site) otherwise you may only be able to play in the free play demo mode. Once registered, simply click on the slot and it should load in a matter of seconds.


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